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Supa Nutri specialises in the growing, harvesting, processing and bulk distribution of Bulk Moringa Leaf Powder and Moringa Tea Cut (fragment sizes suitable for Tea Bagging) to value-added Food and Beverage manufacturers.

In addition, Supa Nutri also harvests and supplies bulk quantities of Moringa oleifera seeds for cultivation and/or for oil pressing.

Supa Nutri’s wild harvested permaculture type supply model results in high quality Moringa that can be consistently produced in high monthly volumes all year around.

For example, Supa Nutri can harvest and supply 10 tons (powder or leaves) in 8 to 10 weeks and then every 4 to 6 weeks with regular 10 ton orders from the same customer.

Supa Nutri bulk Moringa Leaf Powder & Moringa Tea Cut dried leaves are shipped in bulk 5 kg, 10 kg or 20 Kg (net weight) bags, ex warehouse, Johannesburg.

Bulk 20 kg quantities are packed in a 100 micron food grade inner which is then packed in 2 x polywoven outers.

20 Kg Bag Moringa Leaf Powder

20 Kg Bag Moringa Leaf Powder

20 Kg Open Bag Moringa Leaf Powder

20 Kg Open Bag Moringa Leaf Powder

Bulk Pricing per kilogram is Tier based:

  • 5 to 199 kg
  • 200 to 299 kg
  • 300 to 499 kg
  • 500 to 999 kg
  • 1000 kg +

Pricing per kilogram is negotiable depending on the regularity of your orders (e.g. monthly quantities of 500 kg).

500 Kg Moringa Leaf Powder Shrinkwrapped on Pallet

500 Kg Moringa Leaf Powder (25 x 20 Kg Bags) Shrinkwrapped on Pallet

Contact Us for a Bulk Moringa Leaf Powder & Tea Cut Price List

Or phone Anna Zeederberg at +27 76 544 7425 (whatsapp, Telegram, Direct Call) to discuss your requirements.

Bulk Moringa Leaf Powder & Moringa Tea Cut Leaves can also be pre-packed in 50 and 100 gram flat packs or 800 gram flat packs and then labeled with the Buyers label.

Or Buyers can supply their own packaging.

10 Kg minimum order for Moringa Leaf Powder pre-packed

10 Kg minimum order for Moringa Tea Cut pre-packed (chopped loose leaf fragments – not packed in Tea bags)

Additional costs (apart from the per kilogram cost of the powder or the leaves) apply for the packet, pack filling, label printing & label application.

Tell us what you require. Include your physical address and we will email a comprehensive quote including courier.

Please note:

Supa Nutri does NOT offer a graphic design service. Customers can print and send their own labels which Supa Nutri can apply or Supa Nutri can print and apply.

Supa Nutri can assist you with providing the legally compliant info that needs to be (and must NOT be) on any food label.

For example: Product name, net weight, Directions, Batch number, Manufacture Date, Best Before date, Storage Instructions, Company name, Company address and telephone number

Supa Nutri sells Moringa Leaf Powder & Moringa Tea Cut as a dried food product. It is illegal to market Moringa leaf powder in such a way that relates the food powder to ‘pharmacy’ i.e. it is illegal to make ‘Medicinal’ or ‘Health’ related claims of any kind.

Buy a 5 Kg Pack of Bulk Moringa Leaf Powder for only R140/kg ex VAT and ex Courier.

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