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800 gram Foil Flat Pack

including Vat and excluding Courier (R99 for up to 3 x 800 gram Moringa Leaf Powder packs)

Also available in Bulk quantities starting with 5 Kg Packs.

Buy a 5 Kg Bulk Pack of Moringa Leaf Powder or Moringa Tea Cut (not packed in tea bags) for only R140/kg ex VAT and ex Courier.

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Note that Tea Cut is only available in Bulk starting at 5 Kg quantities.

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Supa Nutri specialises in the growing, harvesting, processing and bulk distribution of Moringa Leaf Powder and Moringa Tea Cut (fragment sizes suitable for Tea Bagging) to value-added Food and Beverage manufacturers as well as Retail to the public in South Africa.

Supa Nutri’s Moringa supply is a community upliftment project working with Women Moringa Harvesters in a remote village in Malawi that we have had relations with for over 25 years… before Moringa became popular in the West.

Our Harvesters wild harvest from naturally & abundantly occurring Moringa oleifera trees in our harvest area. The trees have been growing in abundance for the past 150 years amongst the natural African bushveld in the area surrounding the harvesters village.

Since 2006, Supa Nutri has provided the training, hygienic processing & distribution to market logistics.

Wild harvesting in an environmentally undisturbed area produces Moringa that is natural, pure and free of chemical and microbial contaminants.

Supa Nutri’s community wild harvested permaculture type supply model results in high quality Moringa Leaf Powder and Moringa Tea Cut that can be consistently produced in high monthly volumes all year around.


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