Bulk Moringa Seeds (oleifera)

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Note that Supa Nutri Moringa Seeds are untreated and unwashed. Suitable for cultivation only. Not to be eaten directly without proper hygienic preparation.

Supa Nutri specialises in the growing, harvesting, processing and bulk distribution of Bulk Moringa Leaf Powder and Moringa Tea Cut (fragment sizes suitable for Tea Bagging) to value-added Food and Beverage manufacturers.

In addition, Supa Nutri also harvests and supplies bulk quantities of Moringa Seeds (oleifera) for cultivation and/or for oil pressing.

Supa Nutri’s wild harvested permaculture type supply model results in high quality Moringa Seeds that can be consistently harvested twice annually in bulk multi-ton amounts. Read About Supa Nutri

Supa Nutri bulk Moringa Seeds are shipped in bulk 5 kg or 10 kg (net weight) bags, ex warehouse, Johannesburg.

Bulk Pricing per kilogram is Tier based:

  • 5 kg
  • 10 kg
  • 20 kg
  • 50 kg
  • 100 kg
  • 200 kg
  • 500 kg
  • 1000 kg+

Pricing per kilogram is negotiable depending on the regularity of your orders (e.g. monthly quantities of 500 kg).

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Area of Origin: Malawi

Botanical name: Moringa oleifera

Applications: Moringa oleifera seeds are intended for cultivation purposes

For cultivation purposes the wings of the seeds are left intact. The wings contain important germination enhancing compounds and must be planted with the seeds.

Supply Capacity: 5 Kg to 1 ton+ monthly

Organoleptic description:

Appearance: Slightly larger than Pea-sized brown to black seeds


Harvest and Drying Method: Harvested only from abundantly growing, naturally occurring and wild Moringa oleifera trees by rural African Women Harvesters. No pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used. No additional process is applied. 100% natural.

Seed pods are harvested from the tree once dry. Seeds are removed. Excess fibrous material is removed. Wings are left intact. Seeds are packed and shipped to a central warehouse in Johannesburg, South Africa

Packaging: 5 kg and 10 kg bags

Storage and Stability:

The shelf life in sealed original packaging and under normal storage conditions is at least one year after

the date of packing. We recommend storing Moringa Seeds in dark, cool and dry conditions.

Buy a 5 Kg Bulk Pack of Moringa Seeds for only R300/kg ex VAT and ex Courier.

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