Company Profile

Supa Nutri (Pty) Ltd specializes in the growing, harvesting, processing, bulk wholesale and online retail distribution of Moringa Superfood Vegetable Powder and related products.

We manage the value chain from soil-to-warehouse-to-end-user whilst ensuring fair-value exchange for all involved starting with Rural African Woman harvesters and culminating in highly nutritious life-enhancing beneficial food products.

Your purchase of Moringa Leaf Powder is a spring of abundance to our rural partners who are trained in the hygienic harvesting and processing of moringa leaves.

Supa Nutri creates further value by providing education about Nutrition and Health, Alternative Energy Systems (e.g. biogas digesters for lighting and cooking) for rural conditions as well as Hygienic practises for clean living.

We have worked hard in developing not only market, but our supply capacity as we know that it is very important for any retail or bulk buyer that we engage with to be confident that they are not only getting the highest quality product but also that the supply is stable and ever increasing.

Available formats:

  • finely stone ground moringa leaf powder (100+ mesh)
  • Tea cut size suitable for tea manufacturers.

Supa Nutri Moringa Superfood Vegetable powder is distributed:

  • in Raw Ingredient format in vacuum packed 20 kg bags to:
    • Export. North America, U.K., E.U. Oceania, Japan
    • Local SADC Countries. South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, etc
    • Value-added manufacturers
    • Bulk buyers/distributors
  • to Traders in pre-packed format with unique trader labels e.g. 100 gram flat pack, 300 gram Doy pack, 1 kg Doy pack
  • In pre-packaged format online Retail e.g. 100 gram flat pack, 300 gram Doy pack, 1 kg Doy pack.
  • As moringa-enhanced value-added High Energy, High Nutrient, Food and Drink powders:
    • Moringa Sorghum Mageu available:
      • Online Retail 100 gram packs Click HERE
      • Bulk 20 kg bags
      • Trader Bulk Boxes of 100 gram packs of 100, 200, 300, 500, etc
      • Bulk manufactured 100 gram packs per order of 250 kg+
    • Moringa Sorghum Porridge available
      • Bulk 20 kg bags
        • Minimum order 250 kg per flavour
      • Bulk manufactured 100 gram packs per order of 250 kg+
  • Moringa Vegan Capsules
    • 120 x 400 mg tubs
    • Available Retail Online
    • Available in Bulk boxes of 20, 40, 60 and 87
  • Moringa Soap
    • Available Retail Online
    • Available in bulk discount minimum order 30 bars.

Moringa oleifera Seeds

  • On-line Retail
    • Home and small farm packs from 120 seeds to 1000 seeds
    • 1 kg+ in food grade zip lock packs
  • In 10 kg 100 micron food grade plastic inners and polywoven outers to bulk buyers
  • Suitable for cultivation as well as human consumption

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