Supa Nutri T/A Moringa South Africa (MSA) was started in 2007.

It is fair to say that MSA is one of the major pioneers in South Africa being instrumental in making the public aware of this super nutrient dense wonder food.

MSA has made contact with many role players in the industry since 2007 especially with regard to supply and bulk end buyers who see the massive potential of including Moringa in their products in order to enhance the nutritional value.

Our 100% PURE African Moringa Leaf Powder is naturally grown in balanced self sustainable diverse eco systems in rural Africa and is 100% chemical free.

We emphasise the word PURE because most producers supply what they claim to be Moringa Leaf Powder but in actual fact is mixed with sticks and stalks (as cheap fillers) which drastically dilutes the nutrient value per gram.

We have worked hard in developing not only market, but our supply capacity and we know that it is very important for any retail or bulk buyer that we engage with to be confident that they are not only getting the highest quality product but also that the supply is stable and ever increasing.